About Purlieu

At Purlieu, quality family-time is near and dear to our hearts.  Moments spent together become the memories that forge lasting family ties. We explore as a family because we feel that travel is where those types of memories are created. As a family, we have experienced the joy of an early morning sunrise that only camping can provide. We have experienced the wonder of an aroma only an Israeli spice market can create. And we have worked hard to capture these moments - making lasting memories as a family. 

With family in mind, we set out to create a product that would encourage families to make time for each other. The Purlieu travel bag was created to lighten the load of family travel through a bag that does the heavy lifting for you. With interchangeable pods, you can customize the bag to cater to your specific needs. Our goal is to empower you, through your Purlieu travel bag, to step outside your front door and start capturing the curiosity of those sweet little minds. 

Our Story

I invested in a camera - a nice one. A camera that I should have asked for as a gift but felt so anxious to capture passing family memories that I couldn’t wait one more day. Previous to my purchase, I watched a video montage of my nephew that was put together by his mom (who also happens to be a professional photographer) for his 12th birthday. It was pure magic. She had somehow captured every watermelon filled summer face, the raw excitement from simple bubble time, the joy, the frustration, the growth of her little boy. In about 4 minutes she had summarized a life full of wonder and passion. I left that celebration inspired. I was inspired to do more, to be more, to capture more. As a mother of two energy filled boys I decided to put that energy to use. We went to the zoo, we went on hikes, we went all over the place. And I quickly realized that the bag I currently owned did not fulfill my needs as a mother and especially a mother carrying a new fancy camera. So I set out to create a bag that would fulfill all of my needs as a mother. A bag that was organized, functional, and still looked chique. And ultimately, a product that would help to empower other parents as they set out on their own adventures with their families.

Today you will find me with two sweet and rambunctious little boys on my hips. We go and do. We explore. We travel. We feel the dirt between our toes and watch as the planes fly by. And we do it all with the help of my Purlieu bag!

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