Pur·lieu / ˈpər-lo͞o/:  a place where one may range at large, a piece of land on the edge of a forest, an outlying district or region.

Most of our time is spent running tracks between the same destinations: work, school, home, repeat. When children come into the picture, completing these runs becomes even more difficult. Our adventures into anything beyond our well-beaten path can take a lot of work. But at Purlieu, we believe the "place where one may range," the area beyond our normal everyday, is where the magic waits. That's where our children discover and explore the world around them. That's where they learn, experience, and grow. However, that also tends to be where our children seem most likely to have an accident, throw a tantrum, or get into trouble.

I was feeling the strain of adventuring with children in 2017 as I struggled to carry my camera with me and my children in a safe, convenient way. When I couldn't find a bag that could provide what I needed for both my camera and my children's things, I decided to create one. I realized I probably wasn't the only parent at a loss, so I began talking to other parents, to see if what I was creating would help them with their travel needs. I used what I heard to continue redesigning the bag until I had what I believe is the best travel bag for parents. The Purlieu bag doesn't sacrifice aesthetics in order to obtain maximum functionality; instead, it has a unique compartment in its base with removable pods for cameras, soiled clothes, and snacks. With this structure, you can easily access everything you need without digging through an endless pit or fumbling with gadgets hanging on the exterior of the bag.

At Purlieu, we have done everything we can to make a perfect bag, so you can focus on capturing the curiosity of your children as you explore the world, rather than stressing about the mess they'll leave in their wake. The world is too full of fireflies to chase, clouds to watch, and puddles to splash to worry about dropping your camera in the mud.