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introducing purlieu pods

Photography Pod

- Compatible with most DSLR cameras
- Customizable divider
- Additional Storage
- Crush-resistant structure
- Independent-carry capable
- Water-resistant
- Leak-resistant zippers

Soiled Clothing Pod

- Machine washable
- Rigid Structure
- Blowout isolation chamber
- Leak-resistant zippers
- Clean lines and classic colors

Food & Beverage Pod

- Thermal regulating
- Water-resistant
- Rigid structure
- Holds four 4oz. bottles
- Leak-resistant zippers

It's what's inside that counts

What you need when you need it

I worried about the quality of this bag, however it is comparable to my Coach purses. They’ve truly thought of anything. This Purlieu bag using just for those with babies but for any parent who wants the ability to cart what they need and still have their hands free!

Lindsay, Mother of 4

I wish I had had this bag when I had my first baby, but I’m so glad to have it now that I’ve had my 3rd!!

Marion, Mother of 3

If you are a product person like me and love user-centric products that solve day to day problems then I think you'll love this bag. It's well-made and beautiful and there are so many "little things" that address every day needs. Love it!

Jacob, Father of 2